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YOU can say anything about me as YOU please but i am what ii am and that's something that YOU can NEVER BE:]

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I dont ask for too much. Just that one person who will love me flaws and all. I dont ask for someone who will give me the world, His love and Honesty is all i need, I will never ask for the moon and the stars, I will be contented holding his hand while watching the night sky. I dont need a perfect…


Someday you will find someone who would seem much more than what the world is actually worth. You will find them, and in a particular span of time you will eventually want to be with them. Be with them in the most passionate and incredibly wonderful sense. You will be urged to do anything just to have them as your own - not really a sort of possession, but in a commitment built with mutual everything. Things may grow complicated in the middle of it all, but you will find yourself thinking of the better moments: all the simple hand holdings, the enticing hugs, the rather quirky stolen kisses, the late night conversations and most especially the utterance of those three beautiful words. You will fight and argue, most probably be forced to ignore each other for a day or a couple of hours, but in the end you will realize that your petty arguments only made you stronger, and the beauty of it entirely only grows profound by the minute after which. Someday you will find someone, or rather they will find you, but when the progression of time halts to a stop and you know full well that the moment has come, all you really have to do then is never let the moment and the person go.

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To couples: You’re not going to promise to each other that you won’t disappoint one another, because at some point, you will. What’s important is that you don’t run away, you don’t escape, and leave one another just because you were disappointed.

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